Travel Hacks

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What is Travel Hacking?

The urban dictionary defines Travel Hacking as a clever solution for a travel related problem.  Whether it be how to travel with one carry-on or how to get free first class flights to Japan, any strategy that would solve a problem or facilitate a desire by travelers can be called a Travel Hack.

Usually travel hacking applies to the most common problem travelers face: money.

Credit Card Travel Hacks

This involves opening credit cards with a signup bonus that rewards airline miles or other types of points. Usually the cards are opened with the only intention of receiving the signup bonus and afterward, the traveler will move on to other credit cards.

The practice of opening many cards and canceling them before the first year is sometimes referred to as credit card churning. It is important to keep your priorities straight when engaging in this activity. The goal is to receive free travel, not spend a whole lot of money. Make sure you spend no more than you would have anyway. For most of us, this eliminates the possibility of opening many of the higher end cards.

Need a credit card to tip your toe in? Try the Chase Freedom. No annual fee and a $150 signup bonus on only $500 in spend. Mastering the 5% cashback quarters should become second nature.