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Three Passes / EBC trek from Jiri – Summary / Launch Page

For info on costs and other tips to prepare for your trek, see our Everest Base Camp Itinerary Page. Katmandu After your touchdown in Katmandu, it is wise to limit your time in Thamel. Hopefully you’ve prepared your body (See Physical Preparation) and your gear (See Gear List) for the epic trek to come! Grab …

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Jiri – Three Passes – Everest Base Camp Itinerary, Tips, Info

  Why the Everest Base Camp trek?   “Because it is there.” – George Mallory, when asked why he wanted to climb Everest. There is only one highest place on the planet Earth, and it is in Nepal at the end of the Everest Base Camp trek. The journey to see Everest from the top …

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EBC trek from Jiri – Physical Preperation

If you are embarking on a journey such as the Three Passes trek in from Jiri, shouldn’t you prepare yourself so you will enjoy it more? Here are some tips for preparing your body for the grueling but epic adventure. Walk with a backpack Nothing is better to prepare you for your trek than putting …

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Day 18 – Renjo La

If you’ve held it together this far, the Renjo La won’t seem like much of a big deal. Up and over a pass and a swim into the thicker air of lower altitude. Be sure to look around at the scenery though as it is varied and the trail sweeps through a valley of pastures …

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Day 16 – The Cho La

In case you didn’t know, “La” means “Pass.” That’s why I don’t say Cho La Pass as others are apt to do. The hike out of Zonghla and up the Cho La will not be the hardest day, but will be a tough one. By now, you should be well acclimated, and the going will …

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