Credit Cards

One Year of Credit Card Churning

How I earned $3240 in one year with Credit Card Signup Bonuses Credit card… churning? It is a phrase I heard for the first time in 2015 after searching around on google for credit cards with signup bonuses. It is a practice, usually by frequent travelers, of opening credit cards just for the signup bonus …

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Credit Cards

Credit Card Churning Pitfalls

Before taking up the hobby of opening multiple credit cards just for the signup bonus, make sure you consider the common pitfalls of such a practice. First, keep in mind that banks do not offer these bonuses in order to just give you a free vacation. They offer these bonuses because they expect interest and …

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Chase Reserve Card

Wait on Chase’s 5/24 rule?

Wait on Chase’s 5/24 Rule? Easily the best credit cards for sign up bonuses and travel deals are Chase credit cards. However, Chase is not stupid. They are not going to let travel hackers open each of their cards every year for the signup bonuses essentially financing their vacations. So, they only applicants if they …

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Chase Freedom and Subway Rewards

Chase Freedom Restaurant Category double-up

Chase Freedom Reward Categories As you should be aware of, the Chase Freedom card gives a standard 1% points for all purchases all the time. However, every quarter, it gives 5% points for purchases in specific categories. Currently, that category is dining out. There is a maximum spend of $1500 to receive the 5% points …

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