Chase Freedom Restaurant Category double-up

Chase Freedom Reward Categories

As you should be aware of, the Chase Freedom card gives a standard 1% points for all purchases all the time. However, every quarter, it gives 5% points for purchases in specific categories. Currently, that category is dining out. There is a maximum spend of $1500 to receive the 5% points and if your budget allows for it, you should easily reach that $1500 for meals spent during the quarter… and meals after it.

How do you do that? Gift cards and Rewards Cards.

Subway Rewards Card

I like completing my $1500 spend at Subway. I eat there somewhat regularly anyway, but the main reason I choose subway is the free 6” sub they reward me with for putting $25 on their Subway Rewards Card.

So, during the last few weeks of the month, I will put $25 on the rewards card each visit, receiving my sub for free and giving me 5% bonus on my Chase Freedom card. Then I simply use the money I placed on the card for my subway sandwiches until the next Restaurant quarter.

Doubling up on deals

This is an example to watch for where you can double up on deals. By itself, the free 6 inch for putting $25 on a rewards card would be a good deal so long as you didn’t find yourself spending more than you would have at Subway.

Add to being able to complete my $75 worth of points on the Chase Freedom simply for pre-purchasing Subway sandwiches I would have bought anyway… no brainer.

As always… look for deals with that phrase “I would have bought anyway.” If you don’t hold yourself to that, they win.

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